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How To Place Image Links on your Tumblr Sidebar. Method 2 (If you want to add it somewhere else)

  1. First, make sure to have the images that you want to use as links are uploaded here and grab the url they give your for each picture, this way you make sure they won’t get deleted as they are part of your layout, these must be the right size to fit your tumblr sidebar, otherwise they will “break” the layout.  Also try to create the page you want to link to first.
  2. Go to Customize »> Theme »> Custom HTML
  3. Now, we must find the exact place where you want your image link to be placed.  Use control+F in your tumblr theme html to find something you can see on your sidebar and that you want the link to be placed below or above.  Usually there’s a search for, so look for “search”.  The whole sidebar section is usually called that same way or maybe something shorter, like “side”. In our example, we are going to place the image link right below our Tumblr Tumbleroll


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